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Friday, May 10, 2019

Kill Sinus Infection Within Minutes, With What You Have In Your Kitchen!


* Ginger tea is effective in reducing pain in headaches caused by sinusitis. Boil ginger root in a pot, 15 minutes later. You can consume 2 cups a day during periods of headaches.
* Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits for vitamin C. Instead of drinking only the juice of the fruit, choose to eat.
* There are anti-inflammatory bioflavonoids in grapes. For this reason, a handful of grapes per day is good for sinusitis.
* Oregano, cloves, cinnamon is effective in reducing sinusitis and related pain.
* Karabash has antibacterial properties. You can also drink garlic, green and ginseng tea.
* Olive leaf tea is also effective in sinusitis pains.
 Zinc taken with food is also an important immune enhancer and anti-inflammatory (reducing inflammation) may feature. Eat seafood, meat, chicken, milk, yogurt, beans, peanuts and whole grains.
* You can drink thyme tea. You can put a branch of green carnations in the water you drink.


* Do not go out with wet hair after taking a bath.
* If the flu and the flu lasted more than 10 days, see your doctor. Careful with the nose cleaning.
 If you have structural problems such as nasal bone curvature, nasal growth and polyps, consult your otolaryngologist.
* Dry air can prepare the ground for the environment that will cause sinusitis development. Moisten your environment.
* Do not consume caffeinated beverages, chocolates, and foods that trigger headaches such as smoked meat.
* Do not smoke.